Zainab Ibrahim

I am an Online Tutor for the Data Analytics and Management module.

I am currently a researcher in the School of Computing at the University of Portsmouth (UoP). My research involves analysing students’ end of unit feedback comments to identify issues of assessment to measure their satisfaction through their text comments, using text mining and sentiment analysis methods and techniques.

I am a member of the Computational Intelligence Research Group at the UoP and attained my master’s degree in software engineering from the UoP in 2013.

I have a strong background in programming, mathematics, and statistics. My main areas of research interest include data mining in general and text mining in particular in addition to my interest in big data analytics.

I have previously worked as a Project Supervisor for master’s degree students in Business Analytics & Management Sciences and Business Analytics & Finance courses at University of Southampton.


Career highlights

  • Publishing 3 academic papers, with another 2 papers currently under review
  • Working as a Research Assistant with the University of Southampton to build a project for the NHS
  • Working as an IT trainer, helping candidates to use various software applications and packages
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