Shabbar Jaffry

I am a Professor of Economics and Finance and hold over 20 years of experience working as an applied economist in the Economics and Finance Subject Group. 

Over the course of my career, I have led and contributed to a number of research and consultancy projects involving defence manpower, local and regional economies, banking efficiency, profitability and productivity, and more. 

My research interests include applied econometrics, manpower issues, duration analysis, choice modelling and technical and economic efficiency. 

I gained extensive research experience during my seven years as a research economist on naval manpower issues and have experience managing and working on a number of multidisciplinary research projects.

I’ve also successfully managed three Ministry of Defence projects and authored the Naval Manpower Econometric Model (known as 'Portsmouth Model'). 

Career highlights

  • Building the British Tri-Service Manpower Strength Forecasting Model

  • Publishing the Price and Market Analysis in European Fisheries

  • Contributing to the Cultural and Tourism Studies

  • Successfully supervising over 12 PhDs and a DBA project

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