If you need help financing your course, there may be funding support available to you.

Explore our loan options and application offers below, and don’t forget that you can always contact our Course Advisers for guidance on your eligibility. Please make sure you read our Fees and Cancellation Policy as well.

Loans and application offers


You may be eligible for a Postgraduate Master’s Loan of up to £11,836 from the UK Government. Please visit gov.uk/masters-loan for more details.


If you're studying a distance learning postgraduate Master’s in Wales, you can apply for Postgraduate Master’s Finance and receive up to £17,489 as a combination of grant and loan. Please visit Student Finance Wales for more details.

Northern Ireland

If you're studying a distance learning postgraduate Master’s in Northern Ireland, you can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan of up to £5,500 to help with the cost of tuition fees. Please visit Student Finance Northern Ireland for more details.


If based in the USA, you may be able to apply online for a private Sallie Mae student loan – our federal school code is G21159 and our OPEID is 02115900. You will need to complete the Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification form and email this to us at fees@study-online.port.ac.uk

You are strongly advised to use the repayment estimator to help you calculate your repayment options against your future salary expectations. This will help you plan your borrowing and repayments to avoid problems in the future and minimise defaulting on your loans.

Please be aware that Sallie Mae cheques can take upwards of five to six weeks to arrive. We recommend that you get in touch with one of our course advisers as early as possible before applying for the loan. They will be able to take you through the requirements and overall process.

For more information on any of these loan options, speak to a course adviser on +44 (0)23 9400 3692, or email info@study-online.port.ac.uk

If you were awarded an undergraduate degree by us, you could be entitled to our Alumni Discount for further study.

This entitles you to a 20% fee reduction on the following courses:

Please speak to a course adviser by phoning +44 (0)23 9400 3692, or emailing info@study-online.port.ac.uk for more details.

If you refer someone to us, both you and your friend could qualify for a tuition fee reduction if you’re enrolled to one of our courses. 

Of course, graduates can also make use of our refer a friend offer. If you’ve already completed your studies with us, you can receive your reward in the form of a gift voucher to the store of your choice.

Interested in referring someone? Visit the Refer a Friend page for more information. If you have questions or would like support with the process, speak to a course adviser on +44 (0)23 9400 3692, or email on info@study-online.port.ac.uk

Please make sure to read our Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions as well.

By submitting your application early, you could qualify for a course fee reduction upon starting your studies.

To learn more about this offer - including the eligibility deadline and how much you could save on tuition - please speak to a course adviser on +44 (0)23 9400 3692, or email info@study-online.port.ac.uk

There are two ways to pay your tuition fees:

  • In full
  • In a maximum of six instalments spread across two years

To pay in full, you should transfer the funds no later than three weeks before your course begins.

To pay by instalment, your first instalment should be paid no later than four weeks before your course’s start date if you are self-funding or sponsoring your studies. Subsequent instalments should be paid no later than four weeks before the start of each term.

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