Dr Salam Al-Bizri

I have more than 30 years' experience in the Higher Education sector and the construction industry. My teaching interests are in the areas of construction project management, technology clusters, design management, supply chain management and process mapping.

I've been exploring issues surrounding integration of design and construction processes and how, through education, a better understanding of issues can be achieved, and best practice delivered.

By acquiring and exploiting the knowledge and skills of experts in the field, students can be educated in the cause and effect relationships which result from decision-making. This is demonstrated as best practice as well as illustrating the weaknesses in the way activities are currently carried out.

With input from leading organisations in the field, such as Multiplex, Mace, Lend Lease and Rise, I've developed several courses and lectures and sourced and developed site-based case studies to enable these organisations to question their management approaches.

Career highlights

  • Being published in international top-tier journals, including The Journal of Civil Engineering & Architecture Research, Construction Management & Economics and Architectural Engineering & Design Management
  • Co-developing the Technology Clusters approach to project organisation, which could lead to a radical rethinking of construction management practice 
  • Co-authoring Advanced Construction Management: Implementation of Technology Clusters
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