I'm a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Cybercrime, Distance Learning Postgraduate Programme Area Leader, Themes Strategic Innovation Fellow (TRIF), and the Deputy Director of the Cybercrime Awareness Clinic, at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies.

My research focuses on online deviance, and technology facilitated gender-based abuse and sexual violence. I've published on topics including the online pharmaceutical trade, phishing, online research ethics and rape culture online.

My research projects, which have attracted funding from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the Home Office, involve the language of cybersexism, victims of computer misuse, the use of technologies to assist marginalised women into employment, and extremist and misogynistic behaviours in incel communities.   

Read about my contribution to Laura Bates’ Men Who Hate Women – a book which examines different forms of extreme misogyny and their far-reaching impact.

Career highlights

  • Presenting at the House of Commons as a PhD student
  • Authoring a book
  • Becoming a Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth

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