Dive into the data-driven universe with our blog on the top 3 podcasts for data analytics pros.

In 2006, mathematician Clive Humby famously declared that “data is the new oil”. Nearly two decades later, it is safe to say that even he may have underestimated how true this statement would prove to be. Data has become a precious commodity everywhere – from businesses to healthcare organisations – and the ability to analyse it often determines whether a company will sink or swim. 

Ever wondered how Netflix pulls up a list of recommended shows just for you, or how Spotify curates a custom playlist of songs you’ll enjoy? Of course, these recommendations aren’t just pulled out of the air. While you may not be aware of it, you are passively generating a goldmine of data with every action you take.

Each time you watch a series, rate a movie, or favourite an artist, you are providing valuable information that analysts can then use to identify user patterns, trends, and shifts. Even the adverts that appear on social media platforms will vary depending on your browsing and purchase history. In short, data can practically make businesses omniscient, and the value in that is unparalleled. 

If you’re completely new to the topic and want to start from square one, we recommend reading our article that dives into the definition of data analytics. In simple terms, it’s the practice of looking at raw data, identifying patterns, and drawing conclusions from them. 

Why follow podcasts on data analytics?

Like all IT-related topics, getting to grips with the subject matter is never a one-and-done affair. This relatively new discipline is rapidly evolving alongside the technology that supports it – like artificial intelligence, marketing tools, and data warehousing.

However, ongoing discourse plays the biggest part in shaping the future of this field. This is why, as a data analytics professional, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with current discussions, fresh insights, and informed opinions from thought leaders.

Luckily, the internet provides access to a wealth of free resources covering this hot topic. To save you some time, we’ve compiled a list of the best podcasts to follow for the very latest developments in data analytics, data science, and other adjacent subjects. 

The Analytics Power Hour 

For insightful, entertaining discussions 

The Analytics Power Hour is hosted by world-leading analytics experts Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson, Moe Kiss, Julie Hoyer, and Val Kroll. This podcast is lauded universally by both beginners and industry experts for being a down-to-earth, accessible source of knowledge and insight.

Hosts often welcome high-profile guests to tackle a topic-of-the-day, from the usefulness of SQL to the rise of business intelligence. With healthy doses of humour, knowledge, and fresh insight, this series is a fantastic way to dive in! However, it's worth noting that this podcast does contain instances of profanity – so if you're sensitive to swearing, this might be one to skip. 

Listen to The Analytics Power Hour

Women in Data Science® 

For bridging the gender gap in tech 

Hosted by analytics manager Karen Jean-Francois, this podcast welcomes some of the most inspiring women in data science and data analytics to share their experiences, insights, and knowledge. With topics ranging from a deep dive into the role of analytics teams to tips on building a strong, sustainable network, every area of interest is covered.

Like many STEM subjects, data analytics may initially seem less accessible to women. However, with this podcast shining the spotlight on powerful female role models in data analytics, listeners will learn that the sky really is the limit. 

Listen to Women in Data Science®

Naked Data Science 

For practical insights and useful career advice 

There’s a reason why this podcast is rated #1 in applied data science. Its short, informative episodes are to-the-point, easy to digest, and grounded in real-world scenarios. With expert insights from Hao Chen and Nima Taghipour, their primary focus is on demystifying data analytics, and sharing universally applicable solutions to business challenges. Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in data analytics or pivot into it from another area of expertise, this podcast is a must-listen. 

Listen to Naked Data Science

How an MSc Data Analytics can help you keep on top of industry trends 

Just as it is important for us to learn to walk before we can run, grasping the fundamentals of data analytics is vital for pursuing a successful career. By studying the online MSc Data Analytics at the University of Portsmouth, you’ll learn from academics at the forefront of research in AI, machine learning, and other complex fields that feed into data analytics.

The course modules explore every facet, from business intelligence and algorithms to ethical concerns surrounding the subject. You will also learn how to apply theory to real-life scenarios, and get hands-on experience using popular data analytics tools such as Hadoop, Spark and Tableau.

By the end of the course, you will have developed an in-depth understanding of this discipline’s true breadth. When coupled with the demonstrable knowledge you will have gained in data visualisation, processing methodologies and system architectures, you’ll have all the right skills under your belt to keep up with the latest developments in data analytics. 

Best of all, with our online Data Analytics MSc, you can study from anywhere, anytime:

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