Careers and opportunities for MSc Data Analytics graduates

After graduating from our MSc Data Analytics, you’ll have the specialist knowledge and practical experience with research and software to succeed across various sectors.

Many organisations require data and someone skilled to make sense of it. With the increasing reliance on big data experienced by companies around the globe, you’ll be well-positioned to identify an area where your interests and specialisations align.

Plus, as you continue to upskill and develop your transferable skills, you’ll have the option to explore entirely new industries should you ever wish to pivot elsewhere.

Roles open to MSc graduates could include:

  • Data scientists gathering, analysing, and interpreting large sets of data from different sources. Their results are presented in more comprehensible forms to help organisations identify trends in their business and create actionable plans around them.
  • Information strategists analysing the flow and collection of data within a company. Information strategists use their findings to provide clear, efficient strategies to organisations, to help better serve their requirements.
  • Data architects managing and storing an organisation’s data. Data architects design, deploy, and establish data architecture that is secure and accessible to the rest of the greater team, while also updating it as necessary over time.
  • Chief data officers using gathered data to help their company stay competitive. This executive role is typically responsible for the organisation-wide governance, management, and utilisation of data in order to meet business goals.
  • Database programmers developing, maintaining, and updating computer programs and databases. The programs they work on determine how data is organised, managed, and accessed within a company.

Get the skills to make sense of data with our part-time, online MSc in Data Analytics. You can choose from start dates in February, May or September:

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