Global HRM is rapidly changing

Podcasts can help you keep on top of the latest trends in the field.

Global Human Resource Management (HRM) is a rapidly-expanding area – globalisation is creating organisations that are more international and diverse than ever before, and with that comes a greater need for businesses to effectively connect and engage with their employees around the world. 

If you’re an HR professional that’s interested in Global HRM, or looking to transition into a career in HR, here are 5 global HRM podcasts you should know about right now: 

1. HR Break Room 

Managed by online HR and payroll technology providers Paycom, HR Break Room brings HR professionals together for “break room conversations” with leading HR experts on the latest news, trends and challenges surrounding today’s HR field and HR technology – “one coffee cup at a time”. 

Hosted by industry experts and leaders in the field, the HR Break Room podcast features over 100 podcasts covering topics including leadership and diversity, scalability, career development, HR technology, new ways of working, and the future of remote working. 

You can listen to the HR Break Room podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. 

2. DriveThruHR 

DriveThruHR is great for HR professionals who want to join a quick 30-minute lunchtime conversation on all things HR.  

It’s an “easy-to-digest” and “occasionally irreverent” podcast series that covers a variety of topics, including HR technology, recruitment, talent management, leadership, organisational culture and strategic HR. 

Running since 2010, the DriveThruHR podcast series is hosted by industry experts Mike VanDervort, Robin Schooling, Dwane Lay, and Crystal Miller Lay. 

You can listen to the DriveThruHR podcast on Apple Podcasts, BlogTalkRadio or Spotify. 

3. TalentCulture #WorkTrends 

Sponsored by TalentCulture, the #WorkTrends interactive podcast series is all about the future of work 

Hosted by influential HR thought leader Megan M. Biro, the series covers the latest industry news and features conversations with leading HR experts, HR technology vendors and HR practitioners on what inspires them and today’s rapidly-evolving workplace. Listeners can join the conversation live on Twitter. 

You can listen to the #WorkTrends podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Spotify. 

4. Josh Bersin Academy 

Hosted by one of the world’s most well-respected thought leaders, analysts and educators in the HR field, Josh Bersin, the Josh Bersin Academy podcast series is the go-to resource for HR professionals looking to understand all things in the progressive HR space. 

In short 15-minute conversations, Josh covers a host of topics including AI, business trends, HR technology, leadership, recruitment and hybrid working, to equip HR professionals with the insights and know-how to tackle today’s challenges in the HR field. 

You can listen to the Josh Bersin Academy podcast on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music or Spotify. 

5. myHRfuture 

If you’re a future-focussed HR leader looking for innovative ways to transform your workplace, then this podcast is for you.   

In this podcast series, host and renowned industry expert David Green speaks to a wide range of today’s senior HR leaders who are taking a progressive approach and pushing a data-driven and digital HR agenda to drive transformation in their organisations. 

Covering a range of topics, such as ethical AI to balancing humans and technology within the workplace, the myHRfuture podcast series explores how today’s HR leaders can prepare for the future of work and utilise technology to drive effective transformation within their own organisations. 

You can listen to the myHRfuture podcast on a range of platforms. 

If you want to learn more about Global HRM, discover how University of Portsmouth’s online MSc Global Human Resource Management can equip you with the expert knowledge and skills you need to help organisations effectively engage with their employees around the world and manage human resource issues on a global scale:

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