Careers and opportunities for MSc Global Human Resource Management

After graduating from MSc Global Human Resource Management, you’ll have a global perspective on HRM that will make you a valuable addition to businesses operating on an international scale.

In addition to your new technical skills and ability to analyse human resource issues, the practical experience you’ve gained from your final investigative project will help you stand out to potential employers.

With the relevant knowledge you’ll have gained from the course, you’ll be equipped to continue building on your expertise and remain highly competitive.

Of course, just because you’ve studied HRM doesn’t mean you need to stay within HR specifically. This Master’s will give you people management skills that can be transferred into a variety of sectors.

What specialisations can I consider? 

Roles open to MSc graduates could include:

  • Global HR manager
    Individuals in this role plan and direct various functions of an organisation – such as recruitment, strategic planning, and employee wellbeing. While the scope of their role is expansive, global HR managers effectively act as the link between a company’s management and its employees.

  • Diversity and inclusion manager
    Specialists in this area create and implement processes to improve diversity across all levels of an organisation. Diversity and inclusion managers will often identify or develop useful training programmes that promote inclusive thinking and behaviour.

  • HR business partner
    HR business partners work extensively alongside their organisation’s senior stakeholders to develop HR strategies that support business aims. They will also use their in-depth understanding of the company to update and implement new policies as it evolves.

Human resource manager

Additional career options

  • Global sourcing manager
    People in this role oversee their organisation’s sourcing – or, in some cases, outsourcing – of labour, services, and materials. Global sourcing managers are tasked with creating efficient supply chains, as well as ensuring compliance with best practices and regulatory bodies.

  • Learning and development manager
    Learning and development managers create and deliver bespoke training programmes. They strive to enhance an organisation’s success by developing its employees’ knowledge and capabilities.

Global human resource management professionals

Plus, regardless of where your interest lies, we’ll be here to support you as well. You can access our Careers and Employability Service for up to five years following graduation – giving you a reliable resource for 1-to-1 career advice, employability workshops, CV reviews, and more. 

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