Studying business administration can be a smart move for your career. Find out the benefits of a Global Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA).

Earning a doctorate in business administration can bring you great career benefits and recognition. For starters, you will have the title of ‘Doctor’ to show that you have the highest level of postgraduate education a person can achieve in their chosen field.

Studying a DBA while you work can help you take your management skills and professional development to the next level. Moreover, choosing a course with a global focus will equip you with the right tools to navigate through our ever-changing, interconnected world.

Many markets have increasing business-related job opportunities right now. In the US, for example, there is a projected growth of 14% from 2020 to 2030 for Management Analysts. Taking a well-recognised DBA could be in your best interests to succeed in the field of business.

Unlock your potential by acquiring new research skills, mastering advanced strategies to leverage your organisation’s resources and understanding what it takes to reach new heights in your career.

Knowledge and skills provided by studying a DBA 

Essentially, someone with a DBA will have the knowledge and skills to run a business at the optimal level. To become such an individual, it can be important to find a programme that allows you to study without giving up your current job and income.

Find out more about what it's like to study online with Portsmouth, including the feedback and advice you'll receive from both the student support and academic teams:

Student experience  ❯

The University of Portsmouth offers an online and part-time Global Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) that can be studied alongside your full-time job.

It’s designed for private and public management professionals at senior/executive levels. In this course, you will learn and explore the integration of theory and practice through highly efficient approaches.

You’ll learn how to conduct practical and ethical research on actual businesses and management processes. This in-depth understanding will benefit your learning in how to manage physical, financial and human resources within an organisation, gaining valuable and effective management knowledge.

While it is understood that you can be working in different areas within an organisation, the course prepares you with the latest tips and techniques to develop intellectually and personally for your relevant professional practice. Once completed, you’ll be a valued contributing member not just in your organisation, but also in the professional community space.

Earning this DBA will make you someone who can challenge current thinking patterns in organisations. You’ll have the authority to influence leadership and provide solutions to business problems.

How to use your DBA in the real-world 

Being a DBA graduate means you are fully equipped to discover and fix problems in your current organisation successfully. Putting your knowledge and skills to good use can help you succeed in your current role or obtain your next promotion.

The DBA you earn will also bring you greater employability. Simply put, you’ll be worth more to an organisation with your qualification and experience from studying a DBA and your resume will stand out more. Use your DBA to seek out new opportunities either in your current industry or a new field.

You can also use your DBA to obtain a higher salary. Since DBA graduates are valuable in many markets, organisations are willing to pay more to retain and attain this talent.

Finally, having a DBA means you don’t have to keep working for someone else if you don’t want to. You can leverage your entrepreneurial skills to launch your own business.

If you're looking for an internationally focused professional programme in business and management, discover more about The University of Portsmouth's online Global DBA

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