Careers and opportunities for Global DBA graduates

When you join our online Global DBA programme, you'll experience an intensive taught phase before conducting applied, work-based research that deals with topics directly relevant to your organisation. 

This means that, as you learn, you'll develop the professional knowledge and skills needed to help address actual challenges in your workplace – benefiting both your employers and your own career. 

Professional progression options

As the Global DBA programme is designed to familiarise you with an array of advanced business and management topics, your education will prepare you to succeed in a wide spectrum of job roles. 

Upon graduating, you’ll be well-equipped to continue working in your current field and apply your learnings to unlock new opportunities for yourself within your organisation. 

Alternatively, you can use your research skills and specialist knowledge to secure a position in a different business, or even start your own consultancy practice. 

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LinkedIn Learning and Skills Forge

As one of our graduates, you’ll also have access to LinkedIn Learning and Skills Forge to further your development. 

LinkedIn Learning is an online training resource with over 14,000 courses on business, software, and creative skills. The platform also includes courses for improving your familiarity with tools such as Microsoft Office, SPSS, and Nvivo. 

Skills Forge is a web-based system that offers subject-specific training and enables you to record and manage your professional skills development. It allows you to record supervisory meeting minutes, conferences, and training events that you attend to support your upskilling – which you can then use for major and annual reviews. 

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Access our Careers and Employability Service for up to five years following graduation – giving you a reliable resource for 1-to-1 career advice, employability workshops, CV reviews, and more.

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Today’s organisations require professionals with well-developed research skills who can understand the needs of the industry and both transfer and apply academic knowledge.

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