After finishing a master’s degree, students need to think about their next steps.

While the majority go on to work in full-time employment, some opt to start another academic qualification and even pursue it while working.

According to the Graduate Outcomes survey in 2019 by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, 8% of postgraduate leavers went to complete further studies full-time while a further 10% worked while studying. This makes people with PhDs and doctorates valuable commodities in organisations globally.

Studying for a PhD or doctorate is not an easy task. It requires immense discipline, investment of quality time, a lot of research and independent study. That’s what makes the qualification extremely valuable in the end.

Confusion about PhDs and doctorates is commonplace. What exactly differentiates them, what are the similarities and the most asked question - which is better?

Differences and similarities between a PhD and a doctorate 

The short answer is that they are both doctoral degrees! Doctorate or doctoral degrees are an umbrella term for many degrees - PhD included too. Doctorates can be categorised into two parts - academic and applied/professional doctorates. A PhD falls under the academic category of doctorates.

While a PhD is an academic qualification that’s highly theoretical and focussed more on generating new knowledge through scientific research, a professional doctorate on the other hand, is all about putting theory into practice in specific professional settings.

To confirm the most pressing concern - one is not better than the other. They are both at the top level of qualifications a person can earn and both come with the title of ‘doctor’ as well. It is important to note that both degrees serve different purposes in people’s careers.

For example, a doctorate in business administration (DBA) follows an extensive taught phase before proceeding to applied work research directly relevant to your organisation.

However, a PhD in business and management may look at evaluating theories and designing new business policies to aid communities.

While DBAs are practical degrees that you can use to run your business, PhDs follow more in-depth research into the effects of change in business.

Have questions about whether a DBA is right for you? Speak to a course adviser who can help you align your career goals with your professional development. 

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The University of Portsmouth’s Global DBA  

If you are on the lookout for a professional doctorate degree in business administration to complete your business education at the highest level while you work, The University of Portsmouth offers an online and part-time Global DBA that you can access from anywhere in the world.

The course is designed specifically for private and public sector professionals in senior roles and executive-level individuals who want to become more qualified in the field. You’ll learn valuable knowledge and skills to develop professionally and solve organisational issues in your workplace.

The course is structured into modules that will develop your ability to challenge current thinking and provide authoritative solutions to practical and research problems. Your DBA thesis will allow you to conduct applied, work-based research on a topic of direct relevance to you.

The DBA will can help you steer your current organisation to success, make you a valuable hire to employers across the world and give you the skillset to launch your own entrepreneurial efforts too.

If pursuing an online Global DBA from The University of Portsmouth sounds like the right career move for you, visit the link below for more details on the course:

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