The global construction industry is getting more complex

Construction project managers play an important role in the construction process

Find out what construction project management is, what the responsibilities of a construction project manager are, and how an MSc in Project Management for Construction can help you succeed in the industry.

What is construction project management?

An exciting and fast-paced industry to work in, the global construction industry is growing at a CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of 7%. To put it simply, the management of construction projects plays an essential role in ensuring that this growth rate continues to increase, and each project is carried out in a safe, budget-friendly, and timely manner.

Construction project management covers all steps like project initiation, design, planning, budget allocation, and resource management for a smooth and hassle-free construction process.

Why is a project manager required in the construction industry?

The construction industry is constantly evolving and getting increasingly complex. It needs precision every step of the way to ensure that each project is completed perfectly and in sync with all the different teams. 

A project manager is the one who ensures every process is conducted efficiently, thanks to their vast knowledge of both the industry and their management skills.

They are responsible for the day-to-day and overall success of the projects undertaken — it is a pivotal role with a lot of scope. They bring together multi-disciplinary teams, resources, and clients in a systematic manner to create an organised and well-planned project.

Development Control Inspector Jillian Bedeau-Callender is studying an MSc in Project Management for Construction - find out how it's helping her to increase her industry knowledge:

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What are the responsibilities of a construction project manager?

One of the most important jobs in the construction industry, the construction project manager handles a variety of roles, such as:

  • Ensuring the project is completed in the given time and within budget while adhering to the industry’s safety standards.

  • Planning the different stages of construction in a project and following up with each team involved.

  • Constantly liaising with the many stakeholders and multi-disciplinary teams involved in the project.

  • Negotiating with vendors for procurement of resources and raw materials.

  • Managing all the resources — but not just the machines and tools, as project managers are also expected to lead people.  

Construction project managers use a range of different techniques and processes such as the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process. This includes using Revit software and ArchiCAD to extract and analyse data, which is then used to make decisions regarding the project.

A construction project manager’s expertise is often called upon, and thus, it is expected that they are well-versed in such techniques and processes.

What skills make a good construction project manager? 

A good construction project manager understands all aspects of construction — from design to planning and execution to delivery. They understand design processes and contract management and law; and have a good grasp on all construction processes, skills, and techniques. The knowledge of various software like Revit and ArchiCAD is a big bonus as it enables them to visualise the building during and after the design stage.

A project manager must have excellent delegation, people management, and leadership skills. They must liaise with senior management and clients, and they are heavily involved in the reporting process and must be able to follow company procedures. All in all, the combination of exceptional technical and personal skills makes for an outstanding construction project manager.

Can an MSc in Project Management for Construction help me succeed in the industry?

An MSc in Project Management for Construction will open a host of avenues for your future in the industry. By looking into all aspects surrounding project management, such as contract laws, BIM processes, people management, and even assessing and addressing environmental and socio-economic issues in construction, you can expect to leave as a well-rounded project manager ready for the construction industry.

You can choose from a range of career paths — be it a design manager, construction manager, or project manager. The skills you will acquire can be applied anywhere within the industry. Students will be able to choose between working with construction companies, independent businesses, and even as consultants on various construction projects. 

The University of Portsmouth offers an MSc in Project Management for Construction online that is aimed at graduates and professionals who want to work in the construction industry, especially in senior management positions. You will finish the course with knowledge of skills and techniques that can be applied immediately in a real, working environment across the world.

Learn more about the University of Portsmouth’s part-time, online MSc in Project Management for Construction and build yourself a new path in the construction industry:

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