Careers and opportunities for MSc Project Management for Construction graduates

After graduating from our MSc Project Management for Construction, you'll be able to assess projects from a holistic standpoint and implement project management tools and techniques such as BIM. These are skills that are increasingly sought after in the construction business.

With the expertise you’ll gain on this course, you could go on to work for independent clients, construction companies, or even consulting organisations.

As you continue to build on your knowledge and gain industry experience, your capabilities will help secure contract work or, if you’re a permanent member of a company, increase job security.

What specialisations can I consider? 

Roles open to MSc graduates could include:

  • Design manager
    Designer managers coordinate all matters and processes relating to the production of designs from which a project can be built. They also strive to ensure that the multi-disciplinary teams being tasked with this work are collaborating effectively.

  • Construction manager
    People in this profession coordinate and supervise the successful construction of building projects. This includes making sure that safety standards are met and that projects are delivered on time and to budget.

  • Project manager
    Individuals working in this role oversee the big picture of construction projects. Project managers look after everything from planning to delivery, and are also responsible for managing relationships with clients, contractors, and other construction professionals.

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How will the course advance your career?

Hear from current student James Hannen who shares details on how the MSc in Project Management for Construction has helped in his work. 


James [00:00:06] I'm currently working on a project at work, which has allowed me to use the skills that I've used with the Project Management course so far with regards to Microsoft Project, I'm doing Gantt charts, all the kind of techniques and tools that I've learnt through the first year of the course. And I'm benefitting at work now because I'm being given more opportunities by different departments to come and do some work for them as part of a learning experience, as well as my own personal gain which is for my degree, so it is very helpful within my work at the moment.  

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Regardless of where your interest lies, we’ll be here to support you as well. You can access our Careers and Employability Service for up to five years following graduation – giving you a reliable resource for 1-to-1 career advice, employability workshops, CV reviews, and more. 

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Get the skills and confidence to manage complex construction projects with our part-time, online MSc in Project Management for Construction. You can start the course in February, May or September.

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