Cybercrime course leader contributes to book about extreme misogyny

MSc Cybercrime

1 Oct 2020

Men Who Hate Women examines misogynist networks

Dr Lisa Sugiura is one of the expert contributors to Laura Bates' book.

The University of Portsmouth’s MSc Cybercrime course leader Dr Lisa Sugiura is one of the experts to have contributed to Laura Bates’ Men Who Hate Women – a book which examines different forms of extreme misogyny and their far-reaching impact.

With her extensive research work around online gender-based violence, discrimination, and rape culture, Dr Sugiura’s understanding of misogynistic behaviours helps inform an in-depth analysis of modern-day misogyny.

Men who hate women

In addition to interviews with cybercrime academics and investigators, Men Who Hate Women also features interviews with ex-members of online hate groups. Combined, these insights offer a detailed looked inside the workings of these misogynist networks and communities, and how their efforts manage to infiltrate schools, offices, and governments.

“This is a significant and timely book, drawing much-needed attention to the harms perpetuated by online misogynistic communities, but whose ideologies are not confined to the darkest recesses of the Internet, rather they are reinforced, validated and normalised via mainstream media and public figures,” shared Dr Sugiura.

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