Risk, Crisis and Resilience Management Glossary

If you haven’t come across certain terms or concepts used in relation to Risk, Crisis and Resilience Management before, don’t worry. Our glossary defines some of the key terminology you’ll need to succeed in this field. 

Crisis management – The process of handling an unwanted and unexpected event that negatively impact an organisation.

Risk management – The process of identifying, analysing, and minimising risks that could negatively impact an organisation.

Strategic risk – Strategic risk is described as the potential for an organisation to face losses as the result of poor decision-making.

Organisational risk – Organisational risk refers to the potential for an organisations to face losses as the result of uncertainties in its day-to-day activities, such as equipment failures, security threats, personnel issues.

Environmental risk – The risk that an organisation's activities cause harm to the environment, resulting in both environmental and economic losses.

Risk culture – An established system of values and behaviours that an organisation holds when taking or managing risks.

Change management – The process of introducing new processes into an organisation in a structured, coordinated manner.

Sustainability – In an organisational context, sustainability refers to an organisation’s viability on a long-term basis. To ensure an organisation’s sustainability requires the coordination of social, financial and environmental demands.

Profitability – Profitability refers to an organisation’s ability to make a profit – with profit being defined as the amount of income an organisation earns after factoring expenses.

Governance – In an organisational context, governance is the process of overseeing the establishment and upkeep of policies within an organisation.

Technology transfer – Technology transfer is the act of moving technology from one organisation to another.


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