Careers and opportunities for MSc Psychology

After gaining your MSc in Psychology, you’ll be well on your way to building a career in your field of choice. 

Our online, part-time course will have helped you develop the subject expertise, research skills, and confidence needed to take on more advanced training in your selected specialisation. 

Different countries will have their own progression paths for becoming a recognised psychologist. For example, in the US you’ll need to follow your MSc with an internship or postdoctoral programme – where you’ll work directly alongside licenced professionals before applying for your own licence.  

Note: Application for accreditation of this course has been submitted to The British Psychological Society (BPS). 

What specialisations can I consider? 

Following the course’s BPS accreditation, graduates of the programme will be able to explore a number of exciting roles, such as:

  • Health psychologist 

  • Clinical psychologist 

  • Educational psychologist 

  • Academia and research psychologist 

  • Occupational psychologist 

  • Counselling psychologist 

  • Neuropsychologist 

  • Sport and exercise psychologist 

  • Forensic psychologist 

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Additional career paths 

Your MSc in Psychology complements a wide range of roles outside of this subject area as well. 

The capabilities you’ll develop around investigating and understanding human experience and behaviour can give you a distinct advantage in multiple fields. Some alternative areas you can explore include: 

  • Market research 

  • Mediation 

  • HR, learning and development 

  • Academia 

  • Social research 

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Plus, regardless of where your interest lies, we’ll be here to support you as well. You can access our Careers and Employability Service for up to five years following graduation – giving you a reliable resource for 1-to-1 career advice, employability workshops, CV reviews, and more. 

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