Careers and opportunities for MSc Cyber Security and Digital Forensics graduates

Cyber security and forensic experts are in demand by organisations across the world, regardless of the industry or sector.

Upon earning your MSc in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, you’ll have the specialist skills and subject knowledge needed to succeed as a professional within forensic IT, high-tech crime agencies, law firms, insurance companies, and more.

Additionally, the research skills you can expect to develop on the course will help you upskill and continue learning throughout your career – ensuring that you can evolve alongside your profession.

There are a number of different roles you could go on to secure. Here are a few examples:

  • Security analyst
    Individuals in this profession monitor systems, identify security threats, and work to prevent attacks on private data. They do this by studying and resolving weaknesses in an organisation’s security systems, recommending new security measures, and more.

  • Digital forensic investigator
    Digital forensic investigators gather evidence from computers and other digital devices to present them in a court hearing. They may also be called upon to offer their own expert interpretation of the evidence to the court.

  • Cryptographer
    People in this role develop algorithms and ciphers to encrypt private data and protect it from cyber criminals. Cryptographers will also analyse a company’s existing encryption systems to identify and resolve any vulnerabilities.

  • Chief information security officer (CISO)
    CISOs are responsible for establishing and maintaining an organisation’s security strategy. This involves – but is not limited to – creating safeguarding policies, investing in new technology, and making key decisions around addressing security threats.

  • Information systems administrator
    Information systems administrators handle the daily management and functionality of a company’s networks and computer systems. This includes being responsible for the operation of all related hardware and software in use as well.

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