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Hear about what life is like as an online, part-time student at the University of Portsmouth. 

Current online MSc Project Management for Construction student, Jake, talks to a member of our student support team about his experiences, as well as sharing advice for future students.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] JAKE SIMPSON: There are very few universities that do this type of course that suits my needs. So I needed to stay in work. I can't obviously move to be near Portsmouth. I'm up in Manchester. So there was only a handful of universities that offer this type of course. So Portsmouth was just at the top.

ALEXIS GRIFFITHS: Yeah. No, that's great. So for everyone attending today, like Jake is doing construction. But if you're looking at a different course, like he mentioned, accreditations that might come with the course, the ranking of the University, and what we at Portsmouth have to offer could help you make your decision.


JAKE SIMPSON: Absolutely not. No, I would say it's an accolade, if anything, because it means that you've bettered yourself whilst you're working. I think it being career suicide to drop out of the workplace market now and join the University full time, and then come wandering out with me degree and go back in.


There's stuff that I've learned. I'm a bit of a it all, [LAUGHS] I thought this was just going to be a piece of paper that proves that I know it all. And what it's taught me is that I've got a lot, still a lot to learn even though I've been in construction for 25 years.


JAKE SIMPSON: It's furnished me with the skill. I now can see where construction is going to be in 25 years from now. In a digital world, everything else has gone smart, smart phones, smart cars, smart--

ALEXIS GRIFFITHS: Yeah. that's also a really good point, Jake. In a digital world, so the industry and other people's industry are growing in a digital world and you're doing the degree in a digital world as well. Like you said, you're uploading your assignments digitally, you're looking at everything, you're downloading.


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