Project managers are essential to the construction process

They have specialised skills within building experience and industry knowledge

All projects need managers. Yet, the skills of a construction project manager are specialised with building experience and industry knowledge, in addition to the typical skills that every project manager must possess.

Construction project managers couldn’t possibly be more important as they’re involved in making sure of the safe and efficient construction of any building or infrastructure.  

What is construction project management?  ❯

The global construction industry  

Massive growth is to be expected as the global construction industry is forecast to reach 14.4 trillion US Dollars in 2030. In the UK, the construction industry is one of the top three sectors of the economy. The current pace of the construction sector (post easing of pandemic measures), is preparing for a steady forecasted growth of 14.1% in 2022 and is expected to continue the momentum up until 2026. 

Similarly, in the APAC region, Vietnam’s construction industry has been performing the best followed closely by China, which is said to bounce back after the pandemic to become the largest construction industry over the next decade

Today the world is setting itself up for a transformed construction sector that is more productive, highly skilled, well paid, and ready to grab opportunities that will benefit all communities. With this in mind, construction project managers would additionally need to further hone their skills in order to carve out a place for themselves in the ever-evolving construction industry.  

Key competencies of a construction project manager 

As you step up the ladder in the construction industry, prospective construction project managers will be required to have certain skills and industry understanding to better manage their job.  


Good planning is one such skill that’s a must-have. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. It’s also especially vital that a strong plan maintains flexibility, to allow for the inevitable various changes that would occur throughout the project until completion.  

Financial management

Financial management, also connected to planning, is essential in order to keep costs within limits and make sure the project does not go over budget. One of the main responsibilities of a good construction project manager is ensuring that costing is accurate from the get-go and project spending patterns are scrutinised. 

Time management

Additionally, time management is another skill that construction project managers must master, as a project that runs overtime will incur more costs. It’s always good to have things going according to schedule to maintain client confidence across all aspects of your work. 


A construction project involves multiple stakeholders. Maintaining excellent communication with all parties involved such as designers, sub-contractors, engineers, architects, suppliers, and clients is critical, and the responsibility to avoid any problems that will hinder the success of the project will fall onto the construction project manager.  

Detail-oriented and organised

Hiring sources also suggest that overall, a construction project manager must be someone who is detail-oriented, to navigate the project even before it has begun. There’s much to plan, organise and execute before any actual breaking of the ground happens. This requires a thorough understanding of the skills, responsibilities, and specialised tools needed to work out the best way forward. Improving these skills by taking on a postgraduate course will definitely help you move up in your career path. 

How will an MSc in Project Management for Construction help you? 

You are likely to already have experience in the construction industry under your belt. Topping it off with a Master’s that you can complete while working, will only increase your opportunities further. The University of Portsmouth offers an online, part-time MSc in Project Management for Construction that can be accessed from anywhere. The flexible learning programme will help you develop and improve the skills required with extensive structured course modules for your learning.  

Some of the things you’ll learn about in your modules include project management processes in the construction industry. This will involve analysing a project lifecycle and studying various case studies to evaluate and justify a project’s phases.  

Another important module you’ll master is BIM Theory and Practice. Building Information Modelling (otherwise known as BIM) is vital in project management and the UK is leading the development and application of it with methods being adopted by the USA, Australia, Japan, and Brazil, creating great opportunities for UK firms in the global market as well. 

A guide to BIM  ❯

You’ll also learn about the many tools and techniques in project management and how you can use them to manage different challenges of a project. This also includes studying multiple scenarios and understanding how to apply the right tools to overcome each issue. 

Be prepared as you advance in your career with the Master’s in Project Management for Construction by the University of Portsmouth, a trusted qualification that will improve your skills and knowledge, ensuring you can take on higher leadership roles in the industry confidently.  

If you’re eager to take the steps to join a rewarding career in construction project management,  learn more about this online Masters: 

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