Today’s working culture is often described as entrepreneurial. But what does that really mean? It simply means we have many people geared up to start their own businesses, take risks and become innovative and creative across various industries. There are people creating personal brands, building solid business plans and setting quantifiable goals - all while using technology! 

What's the difference between an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship? 

An entrepreneur is an individual person who has started or invested in a business and bears all risks and rewards. Many entrepreneurs spend years working to bring their ideas and business to life - sadly, not all of them succeed. Sometimes it takes many, many ideas, to come up with the one that will thrive.  

Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, is known as the process of setting up a business. Having good entrepreneurship qualities such as being creative and tech-savvy is beneficial to running a good business. Entrepreneurship can change the economy of a country and sometimes go on to change the world. 

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The world continues to produce successful entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and even the Kardashians, with their successful reality TV shows and multiple businesses.  

In today’s post-pandemic environment, entrepreneurs are continuing to discover business opportunities in an increasing number of locations. For example, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2021, United Arab Emirates has the most supportive environment for entrepreneurship.  

How learning entrepreneurship can help you 

Whether you are currently employed in a company or trying to become self-employed, studying entrepreneurship can provide you with the insights and knowledge to become a successful business-minded individual.  

The University of Portsmouth offers an MSc in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship that is taught online and part-time, making it accessible around the world. This course will help you take your current business to greater heights or help you set up your own brand-new business. 

Through your studies, you will gain conceptual and analytical skills that can be applied across start-ups, small to medium enterprises, and even large enterprises in both the public and private sectors.  

You will also develop valuable knowledge in strategic thinking, operational growth, and product development and learn how to recognise an opportunity. Hands-on practical and real-life experience in entrepreneurship and innovation will be an added benefit to your career, giving you the chance to apply your lessons to your career as you learn them.  

Theory of entrepreneurship

This MSc in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship provides modules that cover everything you need to learn about entrepreneurship starting with its theory. This will introduce you to the steps to starting a business and equip you with the most important and ever-evolving skill - seeking opportunity.  

Innovation management

Next, you will focus on Innovation Management, where you will follow market research and explore issues faced by organisations in development. Completing this module will provide you with better judgment and skills to use innovation topologies, concepts and tools. 

Product development

You will also learn all about product development and its stages as a separate module. Advanced knowledge of the process and effective ways to manage them, would be a crucial learning curve in this module. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to create and test a new product with potential customers and discuss your findings during group classes to receive feedback. 

To dive deeper into entrepreneurship and understand the benefits you will gain in completing a postgraduate course in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, please visit the page below: 

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