4 reasons to submit your master's application early

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3 Nov 2020

Applying for one of our part-time, online courses?

Submitting your application early can benefit you in several ways.

As an aspiring student, you’ll want to ensure that your application is the best it can be. However, we understand that many applicants are also managing various other commitments in their lives, which is why we strive to offer them the time and support they need.

While applying for one of our online, part-time courses is a straightforward process, we still recommend starting your application as early as possible, as this can have several benefits:

1. Less rush compiling documents and references

When applying for any of our online courses, you’ll need to submit the following as part of your application:
  • An up-to-date CV, detailing relevant academic and professional experience relevant to your course.
  • Colour scans of degree transcripts and certificates as evidence of each university level and academic qualification mentioned in your CV or elsewhere on your application. If any of these documents aren’t in English, you’ll also need to provide a certified translation.
  • Two references who can further verify your professional or academic qualifications. Make sure to have at least one academic reference; the other can be a professional reference if you wish.
  • A copy of your English language test certificate if English isn’t your first language. We accept a wide range of tests; make sure to speak with a course adviser or visit your course page to determine the score you’ll need.
  • A statement of purpose that explains why you wish to enrol in your course and how it aligns with any professional and personal goals.

2. Additional care spent on your CV and personal statement

Investing time into making your CV and personal statement well-rounded and impactful is always a wise choice, as they play a substantial role in the application process. By working on them early as possible, you give yourself room to review them a few times before submission. This provides opportunities for edits and improvements that might not be feasible if the process was more rushed.

Remember that both your CV and personal statement effectively relate your story as a future student, and should therefore be constructed with care. For some extra help putting together a winning personal statement, read our guide.

3. More time to meet any offer conditions

If you receive a conditional offer, pending further criteria such as your English language test results, you’ll have more time to meet these conditions and secure your place on the course. For example, you’ll have a wider range of dates to choose from for your English language test, or even for any retake tests if necessary.

Applying early gives you the flexibility to work these requirements around any of your existing commitments, while avoiding any last-minute panic.

4. Extra preparation for the start your course

Last but not least, the sooner you’re accepted into your course, the more preparation time you’ll have for to seamlessly take on this important life change. While all our online courses are part-time, you’ll still benefit from figuring out a study schedule that works for you, to ensure you spend enough time on your studies each week. You may also want to identify places where you can study uninterrupted, and notify your employer in order to make any additional arrangements.

Ultimately, being well prepared for your application can lead to being better prepared for your course as well. Making accommodations for external factors and other unforeseen issues will help make the application process less stressful – as well as hopefully resulting in an offer that starts the next step of your career’s journey.

Our application process page has more hints and tips for submitting a successful application:

Take a look 

Our friendly team of course advisers are also happy to answer any questions you have about your course or the application process. Get in touch using the form below.

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