Life solved: Portsmouth's provocative podcast returns

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The University of Portsmouth's podcast is back

It showcases some of the outstanding research done by our academics.

Good news, curious thinkers! University of Portsmouth’s straight-talking podcast is back for its 10th series. Showcasing some of the outstanding research coming out of Portsmouth, it’s a chance to discover exactly how our staff and students are tackling some of today’s biggest issues and helping to create a better future for everyone. 

Prepare to be challenged and inspired by people who aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions. Ignite conversations and expand your knowledge.

From lifting the lid on cybercrime to how public perception affects climate change – hear from the researchers themselves as they take a deep dive into their work. Discover their motivations, the hurdles they faced, and the impact their research has in the real world.  

Spanning innovations in tech, medicine, the environment, and social theory – there’s something to fascinate everyone. Here are just a handful of episodes to get you started: 

EP. 29 Beyond help? Challenging unconscious bias towards vulnerable young people

Ft. Dr Wendy Sims-Schouten, Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society, and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 

How are unconscious biases and outdated attitudes affecting how we support the mental health and wellbeing of vulnerable groups of children? How do we do better? 

EP. 32 How witness interview techniques influence evidence

Ft. Professor Becky Milne, Professor of Forensic Psychology, chartered forensic psychologist, and scientist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society 

In high-pressure scenarios, stress can influence the behaviour and memory of witnesses. How can a combination of psychology and forensics get the most out of witness interviews? 

EP. 39 Has Covid changed consumer habits for good?  

A panel of researchers discuss how the pandemic has changed the way we shop, and how businesses can identify and use these new trends and opportunities to their advantage.  

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EP. 54 How tech is transforming the world

Ft. Professor Adrian Hopgood, Professor of Intelligent Systems, Director of Future & Emerging Technologies, and Director of the South Coast Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications at the University of Portsmouth 

Why are construction projects being inspired by nature? How is AI influencing everything from the arts to space? Discover some of Portsmouth’s most exciting innovations. 

EP. 62 How technology is driving new forms of domestic abuse

Ft. Dr Lisa Suguira, Reader in Cybercrime and Gender in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice 

With each new wave of technology comes new forms of crime. Discover the worrying connection between technology and domestic abuse, and explore how it can be combatted. 

EP. 60 Do animals really know what we’re thinking?

Ft. Dr Leanne Proops, Associate Head for Research and Innovation in the Psychology Department 

Emotionally intelligent horses and robotic therapy dogs: find out more about the relationships between pets and humans, and the psychology behind it. 

EP. 65 The truth about cybercrime and cybersecurity

Ft. Dr Vasileios Karagiannopoulos, Reader in Cybercrime and Cybersecurity 

What exactly is cybercrime, and how can we protect ourselves and our organisations from attacks? 

BONUS EP. Can advertising be a force for good?

Ft. Dr Karen Middleton, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Law 

Going beyond customer loyalty, what responsibility do businesses have when it comes to their advertising? And how has social media impacted the way brands are choosing to position themselves?  

EP. 81 The power of public perception in the fight against climate change

Ft. Dr Chris Jones, a Reader in Applied Psychology at the University of Portsmouth and Director of the Quality Of Life, Health & Wellbeing Group  

How can public perception help and hinder how we tackle climate change? What causes people to reject interventions, such as insulation schemes? And how can we persuade people to think differently about how they use energy? 

COMING SOON: Leveraging virtual reality for crime prevention ft. Matthew Talbot from the Department of Psychology

COMING SOON: Fraud in our future ft. Professor Mark Button, Director for the University’s Centre for Counter Fraud Studies 

With 77% of our research rated world-leading and internationally excellent in the most recent Research Excellence Framework (REF 2021), the University of Portsmouth has a reputation for innovation and impact.

On our online Master’s programmes, you’ll be immersed in a culture where boundaries are encouraged to be pushed, and conventions are questioned. You’ll have access to the latest resources and learn from our pioneering academics, with exceptional support as you complete your research project – the final module, but perhaps the start of something far bigger. 

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