5 big reasons to start your Master’s this May

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Don't wait any longer

Broaden your horizons by starting a Master's degree this May.

Discover top reasons to start your master's sooner rather than later.

 No more waiting. If you’re looking to gain the competitive edge in your career, upgrade your skillset, or simply broaden your horizons, now’s the time. Online and part-time, our flexible postgraduate degree programmes are designed to fit around you. 

Here are five reasons why starting your studies in May might just be the smartest decision you’ll make.  

1. Fast-track your career 

Time is of the essence: the earlier you start, the sooner you’ll reach your goals. Beginning your course in May gives you a head start on the competition, meaning you’ll have more time to work towards your ambitions and show your boss you mean business. So securing that promotion, switching to that new role, or negotiating that pay rise will happen sooner than you think. 

2. Prepare for economic uncertainty 

We don’t know what the future holds, but one thing’s for sure: economic instability is always looming. Don’t be caught off guard. Upskilling will help future-proof your career, and by doing it now, you’ll be armed with new knowledge and skills to take on any challenges that come your way, long before you finish your course in April 2026. 

3. Fewer competitors = better odds for funding 

Let’s face it, persuading your employer or funding body to sponsor your studies can be tough. But choosing to start your course in May could give you an advantage. There tend to be fewer requests for funding at this time of year, which means you’ll have a better chance of securing the support you need.  

4. Lock in current prices 

We all love a good deal. And by enrolling in May, you can lock in today’s advertised price for your course. Prices might go up later in the year, so enroll now to save yourself some money and enjoy peace of mind. It’s a smart financial move that’ll pay off in the long run. 

5. Don’t change your plans 

We all need a break sometimes and choosing the May start date won’t deprive you of that. With regular breaks throughout the course, including four weeks in August to September, and six weeks over the festive season, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to rest, recharge, and come back stronger than ever.

Even if you’ve already booked a holiday for this year, falling behind won’t be a problem. You can access your course and assignments from anywhere in the world – true flexibility and adaptability inaction. 

Decided this is the best time to start your postgraduate degree? May is just around the corner so there’s no time to waste. Find out more about our straightforward application process:

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