5 reasons to attend a virtual event with Portsmouth Online

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You’re thinking about studying a Master’s with Portsmouth Online. You’re off to a great start already. You’ve pored over the details, you’ve watched the videos, you’ve been chatting with your Course Adviser. You’ve got a really good feeling about this. But you want to be completely sure.  

We get it. It’s a big decision. That’s why we hold virtual events throughout the year, so you can get to know us even better. Whether you’re still on the fence or you’ve got your heart set on us, signing up is bound to be a valuable experience. 

In fact, when we asked our previous attendees what they thought, 72% agreed the quality of the webinar was excellent, and 93% found the content relevant or very relevant.* 

Here’s why. 

1. Ask your academic team anything

All our programmes are tutor-led, so it’s helpful to know who you’ll be learning from. Many of our online events give you the chance to meet your future teaching staff. They’re at the forefront of their disciplines and know their courses inside out, so if you’ve got detailed questions about modules, assessments, or application criteria, this is your time to ask. Make the most of their industry expertise to determine how studying will impact your career, build your professional networks, and help you achieve your ambitions.  

"Thank you for your time and explanations; I really have enjoyed the Open Evening."

- Robert Tudge 

2. Meet our students 

If you want to know what it’s like to study online with Portsmouth, ask someone who’s doing it right now. At our virtual Q&As we’ll often invite current students and alumni to chat about their experience. They’ll share the realities – the highs and the challenges – of online learning in open and frank interactive discussions. It’s an exciting opportunity to hear first-hand how Portsmouth Online fits alongside your other commitments and the opportunities it creates.  

"This has been really helpful! Hearing from a current student has given me more confidence." 

- Bella Zsuzsa 

3. See for yourself 

The best way to really get a feel for online learning is to try it. Sign up to a masterclass or taster session to dip your toes into postgraduate-level study, gain insight into a topic you’re fascinated by, and experience a live webinar. To get to grips with our virtual learning environment, you could even book a one-to-one demo with a Course Adviser:

Get in touch 

4. Join us from anywhere, at any time 

The beauty of our online, part-time programmes is their accessibility. Everything you need is available on demand, no matter where in the world you are. Our events are no different. Whilst we love you attending live, we know it’s not always possible. Can’t make the date? In another time zone? No problem. You can catch up on the event whenever suits, all from the comfort of your own home. 

"[This event has] been really useful" 

Anthony Whiting 

5. Explore your next steps

Sessions like our Open Events and Q&As are usually chaired by one or two Course Advisers. They’ll be able to talk through the application process, answer any questions or concerns, and share their tips to help you on the next stage in your journey.  

Like what you see and want to experience the benefits for yourself? Check out our range of upcoming and previous events:

Explore events 

* Portsmouth Online attendee reports survey, 2022 

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