Gain a new understanding of the complexities and capabilities of the human mind 

Why choose this Online MSc?

Our conversion course is built to give you the specialist skills, knowledge, and research methods needed to start your journey towards a career in psychology.  

You’ll learn how to analyse the mind and behaviour of an individual from a range of perspectives. Your studies will help you master how to analyse someone’s cultural environment, upbringing, mental processes, and personality to better understand their inner workings. 

In addition to this, we’ve designed this postgraduate programme to equip you with essential practical expertise. As one of our students, we’ll give you remote access to professional statistical software, experiment-building software, and a variety of other tools that you’ll be trained in.


This course has been accredited by The British Psychological Society (BPS).

Once you graduate, you’ll be eligible for BPS Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) (as long as you obtain an overall pass mark of at least 50% and pass the Research Project in Psychology module). Obtaining your GBC is vital for success and progression in a range of psychology careers.


What you'll learn 

  • The core principles of different perspectives in the field – including social, biological, abnormal psychology, positive psychology, individual differences, and developmental psychology 
  • The ethical and sociocultural complexities relevant to evaluating theories and research findings, and how you can use this knowledge to answer real-world questions 
  • A variety of methods, both scientific plus experiential, for analysing experience and behaviour – furthering your ability to research independently 


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