Use your inquisitive nature to translate data into real business solutions with this part-time, online MSc Data Analytics.

Why choose this MSc?

Regardless of industry, there’s no getting around the importance of data, especially when it comes to making business strategies.

On this MSc Data Analytics course, you’ll gain the skills you need to translate data into real business solutions. You’ll learn how to use data mining tools and big data applications, as well as critical data analysis software.

And because this course is delivered part-time and online, you won’t even need to be in Portsmouth to join. You can study from anywhere in the world, any time you want.

On this course, you'll:

  • Analyse data gathered from the University of Portsmouth's cosmology, health informatics and cybersecurity research
  • Connect remotely to our computer clusters and develop solutions to practical problems
  • Familiarise yourself with useful data analysis tools and software, including Spark, Tableau, Hadoop and Knime
  • Gain an understanding and experience with big data system architectures and platforms