Gain the investigative skills to combat global cybercrime 

Why choose this Online MSc?

Tackling cybercrime calls for individuals with the criminological and sociological knowledgeable needed to appropriately react to such threats.

Our online MSc Cybercrime will teach you how to investigate and address the human-driven elements of cybercrime and other deviant behaviours, developing your ability to analyse and understand why people cause harm to others online.

Our affiliations with the National Cyber Security Centre, regional organised crime units, and Portsmouth-based constabularies will mean you can collaborate with specialists on your final project and see what it takes to succeed within the cybercrime field.

You’ll also be able to work with the experts at our Cybercrime Awareness Clinic, which received The Cyber Awareness Award at the National Cyber Awards 2020 for their efforts in promoting better safety online.

Plus, since this course is delivered part-time and online, you can complete your studies at the place and times that suit you best.

On this course, you'll:

  • Learn qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methods to investigate cybercrime
  • Explore the behavioural aspects behind deviant behaviours, identifying criminal and victim characteristics
  • Apply critical thinking in responses to technological, human, legal, and management perspectives
  • Assess new harms online such as bullying and technology-facilitated sexual violence