Study how to understand, prevent, and investigate cyber attacks

Why choose this Online MSc?

Our course focuses on providing real-world insights and practical skills you can immediately use to help advance your career.

As a student on this programme, you’ll develop the technical abilities needed to protect organisations against cyber attacks and investigate digital crimes. You can also expect to gain an in-depth understanding of how to defend your evidence in a court of law.

With this being a tutor-led course, you can expect to receive hands-on support from our excellent academics, benefitting from their industry insights and research experience.

You’ll master the use of specialist software by remotely accessing our Forensic IT and Cyber Security laboratories, and even attend an online court hearing with a judge presiding. Through this engaging mix of practical and academic lessons, you’ll learn how to succeed as a professional in this field.

Plus, since this course is delivered part-time and online, you can study for your degree at the place and times that suit you best.

What you'll learn

  • Various cyber security disciplines to help develop, implement, and audit security systems
  • Best practice methods to foster a proactive security management culture at your workplace
  • How to conduct forensic IT investigations, including crime scene management and forensic tools
  • The principles around collecting evidence from data storage devices and large datasets
  • How to navigate different challenges relating to the presentation of digital evidence

If you'd like to learn more about the programme, please fill out the enquiry form and a member of our course adviser team will get in touch.