Unlock exciting new prospects for yourself as leader in business  

Why choose this Online DBA?

Our Global DBA is built for professionals who are ready to elevate their business expertise and make new advancements in their management careers.  

With support from our academics, you’ll master how to critical evaluate your own practice, employ advanced research techniques for your work, and drive professional development plans. 

We’ve designed this programme to integrate both theory and practice – preparing you for the same demands you’ll face in your career. Following a rigorous taught component during your first year, you’ll get to apply your learnings to a self-directed, supervised research project focused on solving real-world needs. 

By graduation, you’ll hold both the confidence and capabilities needed to take on the challenges and opportunities of the business arena. 

You'll learn how to: 

  • Conduct ethical research on real business and managerial issues in a complex, multidisciplinary environment 
  • Manage and make effective use of the appropriate physical, financial, and human resources within your organisation 
  • Attain command of the latest knowledge and understanding appropriate to your area of professional practice  
  • Challenge current thinking and provide authoritative solutions to practical and research problems 

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