Careers and opportunities for MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship graduates

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, companies of all forms rely on innovation to stay viable – from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations, to embassies and non-governmental organisations.

With your MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, you’ll have the critical and creative thinking needed to apply appropriate research techniques for your organisation; undertake effective decision-making, and successfully market your offering to the right audience. This will put you in an excellent place to take on management or leadership positions in a range of industries, from technology to the arts.

Your capabilities could open you to a number of exciting roles, such as:

  • Product innovation manager / Product development manager

    Product innovation managers oversee the entire or a part of the development process for a company’s product offering – from identification to production. They also strive to ensure that all products are technically viable, cost-efficient, and most importantly, answer a market need.

  • Chief innovation officer

    Individuals in this role are responsible for managing their organisation’s innovation process. This can include supporting team development, identifying new technologies, and implementing best practices that help foster a culture that’s conducive to innovation.

  • Change agent

    As their title suggests, change agents help initiate and manage change in an organisation. Their advanced interpersonal skills and business expertise allow them to guide teams in the adoption of new processes – or to resolve existing challenges within the workplace.

  • Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurs are people who start their own companies with the aim of establishing them within an industry. As with many leadership roles, they are able to use their expertise across industries, allowing them to explore multiple opportunities as they arise.

Hear from our students

'On the MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, I could achieve great results despite coming from a non-traditional business background. The course is built to tackle a wide range of skills and support entrepreneurial thinking - to generate and evaluate your own ideas in theory and through practical team experience. I also had the chance to meet inspiring people such as my lecturers, classmates and guest speakers.'

Katalin Feszecsko, on-campus MSc graduate

'The University of Portsmouth's MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship helped me develop in both a professional and personal sense. It provided skills that I have used in my career as a product manager and gave me the confidence to set up my own business. I also made friends for life during the course.'

Luke McGowan, on-campus MSc graduate

'Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship opened my eyes about business life and I’m proud to report I own a very successful fish farm that was built from all that I’ve learnt from the course.'

Adnan Ali, on-campus MSc graduate

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