Build the skills and knowledge you need to succeed

Why choose us?

We know that furthering your education is no straightforward task. Between work, family duties, and a myriad of other commitments, it can seem impossible to invest in your learning without giving up on one or another.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to limit yourself in that way. That’s why we’ve created part-time, online degrees that give you the flexibility to make your education a part of your life. Access all your course material online, and study from any place, at any time.

As an online student, you still receive the best that we have to offer. This includes:

  • Our TEF Gold teaching: Work with our acclaimed academics via lectures, webinars, and forums. You’ll also have your own student adviser, who’ll help with any practical questions you may have during the course.

  • An international network: Even before you join our Alumni Association, you’ll be taking part in engaging activities and discussions with students from across the world, and benefit from the new perspectives they bring to your studies.

  • Long-term support: As a graduate, you’ll receive learning and professional development opportunities through your career. You can also get up to five years of support from our Careers and Employability Service, which offers access to over 6000 employers.